Bestway SplashPals Swim Tube


By encouraging water confidence and providing a safe and playful learning environment, the SplashPals Swim Tube inflatable rings contribute to a child’s overall development and a lifelong love for water activities.

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Easy to inflate, the Bestway SplashPals Swim Tube rings are more than just a fun pool accessory; they are gateways to a world of water confidence for children.

Their lightweight design and bright, engaging colors immediately draw kids in, encouraging them to explore the water with a sense of safety and security. The rings’ comfortable fit and buoyant nature provide a feeling of support, allowing children to gradually acclimate to the coolness and movement of the water.

This playful immersion fosters a sense of familiarity and reduces fear, paving the way for a love of swimming. Whether it’s splashing around with friends or simply enjoying a relaxing float, these rings provide a safe and enjoyable introduction to the aquatic world, helping children develop essential water skills and conquer their anxieties, step by step.


Size: 85 cm x 76 cm
Ages: 3-6 years
Durable PVC material
Interesting graphics with a panda
Repair patch

Weight 5 kg